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Kidneys and Its Health

A pair of kidneys is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is shaped like a bean and its size is almost the same with that of a fist. It is generally found at the back and near the middles, just below the rib cage of the person. Each and every day, the kidneys have to process an average of 200 quarts of the volume of blood and about two quarts of these are metabolic wastes that are filtered out of the blood. The kidneys separate the wastes from the bloodstream and are removed from the body, along with excess fluids or water, in the form of urine. The waste products are harmful oxidants that may come from different sources and entered the body in various ways.


The way the kidney works as a natural purifier can be done efficiently if there is enough volume of water to sufficiently carry away the wastes and flow through it. In this case, dehydration tends to be the enormous threat in purifying the blood and is the most usual source of stress for the kidneys that may cause irreversible damage in the long run. In addition to that, certain lifestyle can also cause damage to the kidneys eventually, such as tobacco smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and excessive protein diet. In some cases, kidneys are irreversibly damaged because of existing medical conditions, such as uncontrolled high blood pressure and high sugar level for those with hypertension and diabetes mellitus.


People naturally have two kidneys, and those who have them kept healthy are fortunate enough. There are some are born with one kidney alone or opted to donate their other one to friends or relatives who are in great need of at least one fully functioning kidney, yet they can take live healthy and normal lives as long as they take care of it. An insignificant deterioration of the kidneys will sometimes go unnoticed because it does not cause severe problems. However, if it worsens over time and deteriorates, falling the kidney function rate to 25 percent or lesser, serious medical conditions will happen. By then, the person will have to undergo a lifetime of dialysis or a kidney transplant, especially if there is only 10 to 15 percent kidney function left.


A person does not have to suffer because of damaged kidneys or end-stage renal diseases as long as he lives healthy and ensures the health of the kidneys. There are ways to keep the kidneys healthy and improve its overall functions. One of these is to have a balanced diet, especially when it comes to protein. This would include enough fluid intake, which is eight glasses of water, on a daily basis. In addition to that, you can take in a kidney health supplement that contains natural ingredients that are primarily helpful to keep kidneys as healthy as possible. To start off, here’s a natural kidney health supplement. Make sure that it contains nutrients, such as specific B vitamins as well as vitamins C, D, and E.

Underweight? Gain Weight the Healthy Way

While some are having trouble losing weight, others, on the other hand, are also having difficulties gaining weight. The effects of being skinny are also similar with the effects of being obese; even though it may not look so obvious, skinny people may have health problems too. Diabetes and heart disease are the common problems of obese, but that does not exclude people who are thin. Studies have shown that one out of four slim people is also at risk for heart disease and diabetes.


According to the experts, these people are called “metabolically obese”, which means, these people have an excessive amount of body fat but weighs less or normal. People who are called “the skinny fat” are more at risk of having visceral fat, which is more dangerous than having subcutaneous fat. If you care about your weight but do not want to suffer from heart diseases or diabetes, you should start considering gaining weight. Below are some tips on how to gain weight the healthy and safest way:


Tip #1: Eat plenty but do not focus on the quantity


It’s confusing, right? How can you eat plenty but not focus on the quantity? Simple, you have to eat a meal that has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat in a small serving. In other words, every chunk of your meal must be healthy and composed of necessary nutrients that will help you increase your weight – breakfast for instance; for most people, they prefer cereal and a cup of coffee, however, if you want to gain weight the best diet should be with eggs, bread, bacon, and some veggies.


Tip #2: Take essential supplements


Taking vitamins do not deliver calories, which means, it does not help you increase fat and make you gain weight; however, there are supplements that are specifically formulated as a natural appetite stimulant. These weight gainer supplements can help you reach your weight goal fast since most of these contain necessary natural ingredients such as gentian root, agmatine, fenugreek extract, and more. You may find these ingredients present in Hunger Up Supplement.


Tip #3: Never skip meals


No matter how tough your daily activities are, do not skip meals. Even though there are several experts suggest skipping meals can gain weight, it is still considered unhealthy. The body needs a continuous supply of energy, and a person who has faster metabolism needs to supply that energy efficiently, which means, skipping meals is a bad idea. Instead, try eating every four hours to gain weight effectively; however, make sure to eat healthy and smart.


Tip #4: Exercise Work-out!


One of the best ways to increase weight is to put up some time to exercise. Believe it or not, exercise can gain weight too. According to the experts, by exercising, the body reacts to tissue tear and inflammation, causing water retention in the body, then if healed these tissue start to build up and becomes muscles. Being slim sometimes is not a good thing. So, if you want to avoid health risks, try doing the above-mentioned tips.

Having a Healthy Nervous System

You cannot find a single solution to supercharge the human nervous system, whether you are looking for a pill or trying to find a mental exercise. Making sure that the nervous system is generally healthy heavily relies on the lifestyle of the individual. There are some tips and ways that any person can do to have a healthy nervous system despite the everyday stress and aging.

One of these is having a relaxation exercise or any mode of meditation. This technique can help the nervous system calm down and ease up, resulting in a relaxed nerve and reduction of stress. There have been a lot of research studies that showed how effective these exercises are in keeping your nerves healthy. It will not only have an effect the moment you do the meditation, but it actually has a long-term benefit for the person.

Another way to keep the nervous system healthy and give it a chance to rejuvenate is get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep allows your nervous system to completely shut down and rest with ease. A quality sleep for an adult would be around seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

Aside from meditation and sleep, it is also recommended for a person to experience a mental gym. It is not a literal place that a person can go to but it generally talks about doing the things where you can practice using your brain. Putting your brain and nerves on a regular training will allow them to increase their capacity to do a wide variety of activities. It can also allow these parts of the human body to be always in the mood to accomplish certain tasks because they are used to it.

In the aspect of diet, it is highly suggested to regularly include those essential fatty acids, specifically the omega-3. These are the nutrients that contribute to the overall well-being of the brain and the nerves. Among the omega-3 is the DHA or the docosahexaenoic acid, which is widely known as an important food for the brain. It is of great importance for fetal development but it is still very helpful for adults because it makes brain messaging function smoothly. Rich sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids are fishes and other seafood products, walnuts, and other similarly related foods. In addition to that, you should also look for these ingredients when looking for a great nerve pain relief supplement on Amazon.

Generally, you might want to offer yourself a healthy diet, aside from focusing on foods that contains the omega-3. It is known that the brain consumes about 20% of your total intake of calories on a daily basis, whether the person is using the brain too much or not. The nervous system is not even counted on such numbers. In this case, you might want to consider high caloric diet.

Lastly, the overall nervous system would love herbs in general, which can be available in the form of nerve supplements.


Amazing Gout Attack Home Remedies

When you feel pain on some joints, especially on the big toe, and you see it swelling, you are probably suffering from a gout attack. Gout attacks can be extremely painful and could hinder you from doing your daily tasks. Because of the severe pain it causes, a patient experiencing gout might not be able to move properly and would be feeling discomfort for more than a week. If you are suffering from such attack today, you might want to act on it fast to avoid worsening your condition and prolonging the symptoms. Here are just some remedies you can do at home before you call your doctor.

  1. Take some painkillers or anti-inflammatory medicine.

Make sure that the medication you are taking is prescribed by your doctor. If you do not have any prescribed medicine yet, you can take some over the counter medicine to suppress the pain. You would need to mention it to your doctor though once you go to him or her for a check-up. Also, if you are currently taking a uric acid support supplement, you can continue taking it on top of the painkiller.

  1. Elevate the affected foot.

If the joint that is affected is located on your foot or your legs, you would want to elevate that part. Make sure that it is higher than your chest. This would help reduce the swelling in the affected area.

  1. Apply ice on the affected area.

Cold therapy will help in relieving the pain when you have a gout attack. It would also help in reducing the inflammation on the joint. You can use an ice pack, gel or you can make a cold compress on your own. You can fill a sealable plastic bag with crashed ice and wrap it with a clean cloth. Let the pack stay over the joint for twenty minutes or until the compress is not cold enough anymore. You can repeat the process several times a day during the attack.

  1. Avoid putting pressure on the joint.

You can use a cane to support your weight and avoid stressing the joint that is affected. You should also avoid walking around as it would worsen the pain. Instead, rest your foot (if that part is affected) as much as possible and make sure to elevate it when you sleep. You might also find it useful to remove the blanket covering the painful area. The weight that your blanket would put on your joint could also make it ache more.

  1. Check what you eat and drink.

You shouldn’t only be monitoring your diet when you constantly have gout attacks. You should have to follow a strict diet containing foods that are low in purine and high in fiber. During an attack, it would help to eat some cherries, berries, carrots and other vegetables. On the other hand, you should also avoid drinking alcohol just to keep your mind off the pain. Alcohol can aggravate your condition and would make your uric acid levels shoot up.

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