Pain is a day-to-day battle for most athletes and those who have long-term physical injuries. However, with the following helpful tips, living without chronic pain is possible:


Tip #1: Deep breathing


Most athletes would feel tightness and tension in their muscles during strenuous activities such as work-out or while playing a game or after the game. However, that can be relieved through deep breathing and proper meditation; through these techniques you are allowing your body to relax, enabling your heart to beat normally and encouraging increased blood flow. Below are some helpful tips for correct deep breathing: o Look for a location where you can relax o Find your comfortable position o Try to block any distracting thoughts through relaxing music o Breathe in enough air that will fill your abdomen o Then breathe out slowly o Repeat the whole procedure until you find the pain tolerable


Tip #2: Try to avoid things that can make you feel stressed.


Try to avoid events that can make you feel stress or burned out because according to several medical experts, stress, depression, anger, fear, and anxiety can increase your sensitivity to pain. However, if it is unavoidable, try looking for ways that can make you feel relaxed like listening to music or venting it all out with your closest friends.


Tip #3: Work on some gentle exercise.


If it is a muscle pain, simple stretching can relieve muscle tension and the stiffness of joints and ligaments. Also, simple stretching and exercise every day can improve range of motion and strengthens muscles, impeding pain attacks.


Tip #4: Try pain reliever supplement


One of the best ways to relieve your pain is using a prescribed pain reliever; however, if it is about long-term pain, you should start considering using pain reliever supplement like Biovy’s Natrigon. This natural pain relief supplement is specially formulated supplement by several licensed doctors, which is made from all natural safe ingredients. In other words, there is less to no side-effects of using this supplement, unlike those laboratory formulated pain reliever. You do have to suffer pain, what you need is to block them from recurring with the help of Biovy’s Natrigon supplement.


Tip #5: Have enough sleep.


Even though pain can be excruciating at most times and trying to get enough sleep is almost impossible, you should still understand that sleep is essential in tissue rebuilding and growth. According to several sleep experts and many medical experts, sleep can cure diseases and pain, it may be almost impossible sometimes, you still need to stick with the normal sleep routine. Additionally, sleep deprivation can only worsen the physical pain that you are feeling.


Tip #6: Talk about the pain your feeling.


Venting out about your pain to someone can help you ease the pain you are feeling. When in pain, most people become grumpy, depressed, anxious, and afraid, these feelings can worsen the pain. So, if you are in pain, why not consider counseling? Or write down all the frustrations and emotions you are bottling up when you are in pain; this will help you determine how are you able to manage your pain and find a solution to manage your next pain attack.