Safe parenthood starts before origination with legitimate sustenance and a solid way of life and proceeds with proper pre-birth mind and the counteractive action and treatment of complexities when conceivable. The perfect outcome is a full-term pregnancy without superfluous mediations, the conveyance of a sound newborn child, and a solid baby blues period in a positive situation that backings the physical and passionate needs of the lady, baby, and family. We give specialized help, discussion, and preparing worldwide to help other people distinguish and address male and female regenerative issues, maternal wellbeing, and newborn child medical problems. To better comprehend the weight of maternal confusions and mortality and to diminish abberations among populaces in danger of death and difficulties from pregnancy, we bolster national and state-based reconnaissance frameworks to screen inclines and examine medical problems. We likewise lead epidemiologic, behavioral, statistic, and wellbeing administrations research, and works with accomplices to make an interpretation of research discoveries into social insurance hone, general wellbeing arrangement, and wellbeing advancement procedures.


Enhance ladies’ regenerative well being from menarche through menopause.

Enhance pregnancy well being and care.

Enhance fetal, infant, and newborn child well being.