While some are having trouble losing weight, others, on the other hand, are also having difficulties gaining weight. The effects of being skinny are also similar with the effects of being obese; even though it may not look so obvious, skinny people may have health problems too. Diabetes and heart disease are the common problems of obese, but that does not exclude people who are thin. Studies have shown that one out of four slim people is also at risk for heart disease and diabetes.


According to the experts, these people are called “metabolically obese”, which means, these people have an excessive amount of body fat but weighs less or normal. People who are called “the skinny fat” are more at risk of having visceral fat, which is more dangerous than having subcutaneous fat. If you care about your weight but do not want to suffer from heart diseases or diabetes, you should start considering gaining weight. Below are some tips on how to gain weight the healthy and safest way:


Tip #1: Eat plenty but do not focus on the quantity


It’s confusing, right? How can you eat plenty but not focus on the quantity? Simple, you have to eat a meal that has plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat in a small serving. In other words, every chunk of your meal must be healthy and composed of necessary nutrients that will help you increase your weight – breakfast for instance; for most people, they prefer cereal and a cup of coffee, however, if you want to gain weight the best diet should be with eggs, bread, bacon, and some veggies.


Tip #2: Take essential supplements


Taking vitamins do not deliver calories, which means, it does not help you increase fat and make you gain weight; however, there are supplements that are specifically formulated as a natural appetite stimulant. These weight gainer supplements can help you reach your weight goal fast since most of these contain necessary natural ingredients such as gentian root, agmatine, fenugreek extract, and more. You may find these ingredients present in Hunger Up Supplement.


Tip #3: Never skip meals


No matter how tough your daily activities are, do not skip meals. Even though there are several experts suggest skipping meals can gain weight, it is still considered unhealthy. The body needs a continuous supply of energy, and a person who has faster metabolism needs to supply that energy efficiently, which means, skipping meals is a bad idea. Instead, try eating every four hours to gain weight effectively; however, make sure to eat healthy and smart.


Tip #4: Exercise Work-out!


One of the best ways to increase weight is to put up some time to exercise. Believe it or not, exercise can gain weight too. According to the experts, by exercising, the body reacts to tissue tear and inflammation, causing water retention in the body, then if healed these tissue start to build up and becomes muscles. Being slim sometimes is not a good thing. So, if you want to avoid health risks, try doing the above-mentioned tips.