Health is a priority, and among most individuals, it is the main concern. Like humans, dogs are also considered at a high risk of having health conditions and complications. However, unlike humans, canines have problems getting their issues and problems across to their owners since they cannot speak. This is why owners do not notice when their dogs have health complications.

Many health conditions of dogs are related to aging, which is why the first thing dog owners need to do is to slow down the occurrence of age-related changes. One of the organs where most age-related health conditions of dogs stem from is the liver; thus, it’s important to maintain its optimal health. You can do this by giving┬ámilk thistle for your dog. This plant supports healthy liver functions. And now that it comes in capsule forms, it would be a breeze to let your dog take it. You can even open a capsule and sprinkle the contents on his food. By keeping his liver healthy, you’re potentially saving him from various health complications like the ones listed below:

  • Cystitis

It is an accumulation of bacterial infection in the lining of the urinary bladder. This is common not only for humans but also for dogs. The causes of cystitis include diabetes, increasing age and use of long-term corticosteroids for therapy. Cystitis is also known as urinary tract infection.

  • Nuclear Sclerosis

Also known as “milky eyes”, this condition refers to the cloudy, bluish-gray haze that covers the pupils of a dog’s eyes. It somewhat looks like a cataract, but unlike a cataract, nuclear sclerosis doesn’t cause vision impairment in dogs. In fact, it’s a normal change that happens to most senior dogs.

  • Mange

It is a skin disorder triggered by various types of tiny mites, which is a common external parasite found in dogs. There are mange mites that are local residents of the canine’s hair follicles and skin although some mange mites are not. However, all types of mites can cause mild to severe skin infection if they multiply.

  • Cyst

It is the growth and development of tumor found on the skin and is considered one of the common dog health conditions acquired. Looking at the appearance alone, it is difficult to identify whether the cyst is malignant or benign, which is why a sample needs to be taken called a biopsy to verify if it is malignant.

  • Skin abscess

It is a skin condition with a localized pocket of pus underneath the epidermis. Examples of skin abscess are furuncles, pustules, pimples, and boils. Canines may also develop this skin condition.

The next time your dog displays any cues of health complications such as frequent barking, body weakness, sad facial expression and others, keep symptoms mentioned above in mind to ensure that your pet gets the treatment it needs to avoid further health complications.