Everyone has their own ups and downs and everyday challenges that everyone has to face, but not with people who are suffering from bipolar disorder, because most of their emotions are severely in upheaval. The bipolar disorder is often called as the manic depression where a person can easily alternate their moods from mania or with high positive energy to severely depressed. The extreme change in mood, behavior, and energy is currently affecting over than 5.7 million adults in the United States. Additionally, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, there is 2.6 percent US adults (18 years and above) are suffering from Bipolar Disorder each year. Although lithium and antipsychotic drugs are the patient’s current medication, it is a fact that aside from troublesome frequent side-effects, some patients are not responding to the medication leading to poor patient compliance with each provided therapy and the frequent reappearance of bipolar’s signs and symptoms. However, through a thorough medical research, it was discovered that administration of uridine can help people who are experiencing bipolar disorders, and below are the common reasons why doctors of this era are embracing and prescribing uridine to bipolar patients.


Reason # 1: One of the precursors or the building blocks of CDP Choline (cytidine diphosphate-choline)


Choline is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and becomes an essential nutrient that makes vital neurochemicals. However, if the person is unable to produce enough uridine, negative chain effects may happen, leading to decreased brain plasticity, causing impaired neural connections and reduced communication between neurons. Nonetheless, if uridine is administered orally or another form of medication, the brain’s plasticity will be improved resulting in increased numbers of synaptic connections in the brain structures that involves the moods.


Reason #2: Promotes mental focus and clear-headedness


According to several reviews, taking continuous uridine promotes a positive sensation of mental focus and even clear-headedness. Thus, people who are suffering from depression or severe mood swing are able to think clearly without any ugly feeling or lethargy.


Reason # 3: Helps release of dopamine


Dopamine is one of the essential chemicals that is released by the neurons to send signals to another waiting nerve cell. However, in bipolar, a decreased release of dopamine may contribute to incidents involving mood swings and severe depression. Uridine supplements can release enough dopamine promoting confidence, peacefulness, and even joy. Additionally, a continuous administration of uridine will depressive people to gain confidence in handling basic stresses in life and able to think resolution on issues without even feeling guilty or overwhelmed.


Reason #4: Helps promote healthy living


People with depression and bipolar disorder are sometimes in a suicidal thought; however, with the help of uridine, all depression symptoms are eliminated, including suicidal thoughts and more. Additionally, since the supplement or medication promote brain health, people surrounding bipolar patients or with deep depression, are now able to check on them regularly without them feeling psychologically and emotionally abused. Also, they may now encourage social interaction more than before.