Being a slave to the whim of the bladder is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately. From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem amusing that a person who has an overactive bladder has to run to the bathroom more frequently than others. The thing is, for the person who has this bladder issue, it’s anything but a minor inconvenient. It’s a considerable liability especially when situations like going on long land trips and participating in a corporate meeting. A notable example where overactive bladders impede a person’s quality of life is when watching a movie and then feeling the urge to urinate during the build-up. And running out to get to the bathroom just as the climax of the movie comes on. Yes, it might be pretty, but movie tickets aren’t particularly cheap. Here are some helpful tips on how to treat overactive bladders on a holistic level.

  1. Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, and other diuretics.

This includes tea and alcohol. Most people can’t live without those three drinks at all. Hence the advice is to avoid as much as possible. Not to torture oneself with going cold turkey and avoiding them entirely. Of course, better results can be expected from eliminating them from one’s diet altogether. But taking a more practical and realistic approach proves to have the bigger chances of working out in the long run. These drinks trigger the body to urinate more often than usual. If anyone was serious enough to treat their urinary trouble, it makes perfect sense to avoid them.

  1. Do pelvic exercises.

Exercising usually elicits mental images of running in wee hours of the morning or spending a couple of grunting hours at the gym lifting weights. Yes, these activities help overall fitness and indirectly help the bladder issue as well. But pelvic exercises are almost another thing altogether. Kegels, as some people prefer to call the exercise, is contracting of the pelvic muscles repetitively and deliberately. This helps a person gain better control in terms of holding in their urge to urinate as well as being less sensitive to the stimuli of having to pee.

  1. Take appropriate supplementation.

Proper diet addresses a large number of ailments of the human body. Living a healthy life is never absent of eating the right things at the right amount. However, for some health problems like overactive bladders, supplementation is a great addition. One can get the best bladder control supplement from the Internet, but one advice that everyone must remember about buying practically anything is to do some research first. In the Internet, numerous customer reviews can be found, which is a shame if they’re not taken advantage of buy new buyers. Needless to say that; in order to achieve ideal results, one should opt for supplements that contain nothing but natural ingredients. Synthetically produced compounds may promise the same results, but usually not without side-effects. Sometimes the side-effects on the non-natural option are not immediately noticeable, but manifest gradually a span of time.