The growing popularity of natural medicine may seem ironic considering that modern medicine is seeing a lot of progress. Technology provides the medical researching field with the means to analyze ailments on a deeper level. Interestingly, the more researchers look into different medical problems, the more it dawns on them that the problem lies in the body’s own self-regulation and that it only needs to be improved with the help of naturally-occurring ingredients.

One of the best plants that provide numerous medical benefits is cissus quadrangularis. The name might not be that familiar, but its appearance is something that anyone can identify with almost instantly. It’s characterized by four-sided, tube-like nodes that look eerily similar to illustrations of nerve cells in textbooks. And the easiest correlation to identify them by is that they are succulents. Looks aside, the plant has long been used by natives for medical treatment. Today, it is gaining the popularity that it should have been getting long ago. Here are some of its biggest benefits as a natural treatment.

  1. Lowers blood sugar

Diabetics have nothing but praises for this property of the cissus quadrangularis. The effects are nothing to scoff at. The truth is that taking this plant in conjunction with a diabetic medication is a bad idea because both of them lower blood sugar considerably. The diabetic ends up with a low blood sugar level that’s equally as problematic as high levels. It’s best to consult with a doctor and suggest cissus as a medication instead of conventional medicine. Unsurprisingly, some doctors may not agree to this solution. The good news is that it’s easy to find a doctor who acknowledges the benefits of natural medicine today. These doctors can provide more accurate dosages to avoid taking in too much.

  1. Bone health

Some native tribes in Asia, particularly Bangladesh, have been using cissus quadrangularis as a treatment to facilitate healing of minor bone fractures. With the help of industrialized extraction, processing, packaging, and distribution, it’s easier to acquire them in quantifiable dosages. People who are waiting out for their fractures to heal should really consider buying a small bottle and try it out. No need to squeeze extracts from a plant just like natives did because here’s a cissus quadrangularis supplement that can be ordered conveniently from the Internet.

  1. Hormone regulation

Cissus, when taken in reasonable amounts, have shown to have a positive effect in hormone regulation. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is not a good thing when the body produces too much of it. It helps the body cope with added stress, but is not meant to be on heightened and sustained levels. It would be detrimental to the body if that were so. Fortunately, cissus quadrangularis helps the body in keeping cortisol levels down. But really, the best way to prevent constantly being subjected to cortisol is to avoid subjecting oneself to stress in the first place. However, cissus indubitably helps to mitigate the ill effects of stress, especially the ones that are practically impossible to avoid.