supplements are essential during pregnancy. They make the pregnancy period and delivery easier, they are important for the mother’s health and of course the baby needs them. Eating healthy and adequate amounts of food will provide you with the most of what you need and supplements will just compensate if there is any defect in the diet. Let’s see what supplements doctors advise to take during pregnancy and why.

1. Folic acid:
There are two types of folic acid; the synthetic and the neutral. Well, we mean here the neutral folic acid.
Neutral folic acid can be found in green leafy vegetables.
The non-pregnant woman should take about 180 mg per day while the pregnant should take about 220 mg. It is difficult to get the whole amount of neutral folic acid from diet alone, that why supplements are important.
Folic acid helps for proper growth of the baby. Studies say that it extremely effective at preventing congenital malformations like development of neural tube defects.

2. Iron:
If you have iron deficiency, you probably will be so tired during pregnancy and you may suffer from anaemia which is so dangerous on your health in addition to the baby.
The non-pregnant woman should take about 15 mg iron per day and this amount is doubled to be 30 mg during pregnancy.
Iron is found in organ meat as liver, egg yolk and lean meat in addition to plant resources as nuts and green leafy vegetables.
Some people need to enhance the absorption of iron from intestine. Absorption is better with animal resources of iron and you can enhance absorption with vitamin C.

3. Calcium:

Calcium is essential for the proper growth of bones and teeth of your baby.
It can be found in cheese, egg yolk, fish, green vegetables and sesame. The amount of calcium for non-pregnant woman is 800 mg per day and this amount should increase to 1200 mg per day for pregnant women.
It may be difficult to get this amount is the pregnant woman is vegan or allergic to certain foods so calcium supplements are essential in such cases.

4. Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is like the organizer of phosphors and calcium in the body. It enhances their absorption from the intestine, re-absorption of phosphors from the renal tubules and utilization of both in the body.
So it is important for the baby’s bones, teeth and muscular development.
Pregnant women should take up to 10 mg per day.
It is available in only animal resources like egg yolk and liver and no-dietary sources like ultraviolet radiation of skin so it is highly recommended to be taken as a supplement.

Nutritional education during pregnancy is so important. The pregnant women should know everything about the proper diets and supplements during this period for the safety of herself and the baby. It is true that during pregnancy the baby takes whatever he/she wants from the mom and this will leave her depleted so consult your doctor about what supplements you may need during this time.